Top Benefits of Studying Computer Science in High School

computer science high school

Choosing a career in computer science can be challenging, but there are many advantages to studying computer science in high school. Listed below are some of the top benefits of studying computer science. Not only do these careers pay well, but many are also based from anywhere in the world. This makes computer science a flexible field, with plenty of room for remote working from home. In addition, computer science courses are available in nearly 90 percent of high schools in three states, while fewer than one-third of high schools in two states.

Exploring Computer Science

If you are looking for an engaging computer science curriculum for your high school student, explore the new exploratory course Exploring Computer Science. The curriculum is comprised of six hands-on exploratory units that teach students about computer science. It emphasizes problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills. Students will also be introduced to computer science careers. Almost every aspect of our society is affected by computing, and Exploring Computer Science makes it possible to discover the many opportunities in this growing industry.

The program has a mission of increasing participation in computer science among students of color, women, and people with disabilities. The curriculum's precursor research in 2000 addressed the underrepresentation of minority students in computer science. The results of this project indicate a significant increase in participation among girls and minority students. Teachers and students will gain valuable insights from the experience. While there is room for improvement, it is essential to maintain the momentum of this program.

AP(r) Computer Science Principles

Students can take AP(r) Computer Science Principles in high school if they know what to expect. Most teachers will give students several class periods to work on the Create Task, which is worth about 30% of the final AP exam score. Unlike other AP exams, this one only involves multiple-choice questions. In this way, it feels a lot less stressful. In addition, the Create Task is more flexible, so students can collaborate with other classmates to complete it.

While the AP Computer Science Principles exam can be challenging, most students are able to complete it on their own. The exam is relatively simple, containing only multiple-choice questions and does not require students to memorize a long list of dates or computer terminology. The Create Task allows students to work together on a program code, and the entire course is entirely online, making self-study a viable option.

Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles

High school students can earn college credit by taking Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles, a course developed by the College Board. The course is offered by various universities and offers high school students the opportunity to earn college credit. To find out if the course is right for you, read this article. Here are the steps to take to become an Advanced Placement computer science student. Also, read on to learn about the benefits of taking this course.

AP Computer Science Principles is a college-credit course that introduces students to the basic principles of computer science and computer engineering. It emphasizes collaborative work, communication, and writing skills. Students complete a portfolio to demonstrate their learning. The course also encourages students to take the AP exam in May, which will award college credit to some students. In addition to a high school diploma, students can get college credit for taking this course.

Computer Science Career Program of Study

A career in computer science requires knowledge of various languages. This language encompasses much more than speech; it is a precise mathematical language that relays bits of information from many sources. Students must acquire these languages as global citizens of the 21st century. Additionally, computer science programs help students develop their abilities to communicate value and design in a clear and eloquent manner. In high school, students may also choose to pursue a career in computer programming.

Students spend much of their time in high school developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They learn to classify information, imagine changes and commit key points to memory. A computer science career program deepens these skills and equips students to grasp complex ideas and apply them in their careers. For high school students, computer science education is a great fit. It gives them the necessary background to pursue their dreams as a CS professional.

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