Three Types of Computer Companies Near Me

computer company near me

If you're looking for a reliable computer repair service, look for one near you. Not only is it much quicker, but you'll also avoid the risks of damaging your computer. In addition to being closer, you'll avoid paying for the transportation of the computer to a distant location. This article will introduce you to three types of computer repair companies near me. Read on to learn more. Listed below are some of the best ones.


BINO is a computer company near you, and I am a fan! I write for Forbes, and I'm also a big fan of Israeli technology. I've been a fan of Israeli startups for most of my adult life. I helped launch the Worldwide Investor Network (WIN) in New York City, and I have worked for a number of Israeli tech companies. But I also like to work for a local computer company!


Aterian is a New York-based company that provides data analytics, machine learning, and other solutions for the E-commerce industry. The company's latest executive hire is Anton von Rueden, who will lead its global supply chain and work out of the U.S. operations. Pramod K C will serve as COO. While von Rueden is a computer industry veteran, he has a background in operations, which will be beneficial for Aterian.


The name of Cannonball LLC might have you thinking of a high-tech tech firm, but it is not actually what it sounds like. In fact, you can find a Cannonball computer company near you in your local area if you do a search online for such a service. The company offers a full range of computer services, from sales and installation to support and training. The website provides an estimated number of contacts and principals.

Prescriptive Data

Prescriptive Data is a powerful way to make better decisions. For instance, you can calculate the number of replacements a product will need based on past sales. Knowing which marketing campaigns will work best in certain markets can help you determine when to overhaul your equipment. And you can predict the likelihood of a product's failure based on its purchasing habits. While some of these decisions can be made manually, others can only be derived from statistical data.


If you are looking for a computer company near me that will help you tune in to live television, consider Tunity. The company developed computer vision and deep learning technology to help users tune in and out of live television shows. They recently closed a $12 million series A funding round, including contributions from WeWork founder and former CEO John Mack. Tunity also has offices in New York City, the "most innovative market in the world" and in Tel Aviv, Israel.


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Kano is one of the DIY computer kit companies that have recently released an updated version. It now includes a touchscreen! The aim behind this update is to make the computers more appealing to children, especially those who might not otherwise be inclined to build tech. In fact, kids typically interact with screens using their fingers, and this new addition will hopefully inspire them to create their own tech. Here's how you can get your child building their own computer.

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