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computer technology engineering

There are several online master's degree programs in computer technology engineering, including those for Computer software engineers and Embedded systems engineers. The benefits of computer engineering are many, but the most common field is software engineering. Computer hardware engineers design computer systems, while computer software engineers test and optimize them. Computer engineers must be knowledgeable of trends and technological advancements to stay on top of the competition. Luckily, there are many accredited online computer technology engineering master's degree programs.

Computer hardware engineers design and test computer systems

The skills and education needed for a career in computer hardware engineering vary widely depending on the position. Bachelor's degrees in electrical engineering or a related computer hardware/electronics-focused field are typically required. Although a software-centric major may be adequate, some companies or positions require graduate degrees in computer hardware engineering. Earning a master's degree is also possible. In many cases, students earn certifications or pursue graduate studies to gain additional expertise.

A career in computer hardware engineering involves testing computer hardware designs and analyzing data collected during testing. Typically, this role also includes inspecting and testing products and services to ensure quality and reliability. A computer hardware engineer also oversees the manufacturing process and upgrades to computer equipment. However, there are many more benefits to this job than meets the eye. Depending on the industry and the type of work, a computer hardware engineer may have several different responsibilities, including:

Computer software engineers design and test computer software

One of the many job duties of a computer software engineer is to design and test new computer software. Companies such as HP, Samsung, and Google often employ computer software engineers to develop new software products. Other computer hardware companies employ computer software engineers to develop new hardware. Other companies that employ computer software engineers include eBay, Facebook, and Google, as well as IBM. You can learn more about these jobs below. Computer software engineers need strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and business skills.

Computer software engineers analyze user needs and create programs that meet those needs. They design software and test it to ensure its functionality and quality. These engineers also create diagrams, flowcharts, and algorithms to tell computers what to do. A computer software engineer may also translate these instructions into computer language, called programming. Whether you choose this route, you will need a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field.

Embedded systems engineers design and test computer systems

Embedded systems are the core components of most machines and appliances, from mobile phones to refrigerators to air conditioners. They are often smaller components of larger machines. Embedded systems are designed to run continuously, with limited access to the hardware for repair or maintenance. Examples of these systems include satellite navigation systems, space systems, and reactor control systems. Embedded systems engineers need to have extensive experience with CPUs and software, and need to be able to demonstrate their knowledge of hardware/software interfaces and RTOS ideas. Drivers and firmware for these systems should also be familiar with Linux kernels, as well as be able to work with ARM and x86 assembly.

Embedded systems engineers develop self-contained systems that use software to perform a specific function. They're critical to the functioning of technology. For example, an embedded system helps a car implement anti-lock brakes or deploy airbags. The embedded systems engineer determines what the system should do, and communicates that with company executives. In addition, embedded systems engineers work to improve existing software, while developing new software for a variety of devices.

Online master's degree programs in computer technology engineering

If you have a passion for computer engineering, online master's degree programs are available. Most graduate-level computer engineering programs include a research project or field component and culminate in a capstone project. Some online programs are fully synchronous, while others combine asynchronous course content with scheduled classes. Regardless of the type of program you choose, you'll develop technical skills such as HTML, Java, and SQL. You'll also learn how to code in a programming language and learn how to use computers to create applications.

The Internet is a global environment that is prone to cyberattacks. Cybersecurity has become a top priority and is expected to continue growing in importance. As a result, occupations related to computer and technology are predicted to experience 11% job growth between 2016 and 2029. A master's degree can provide you with the advanced skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this dynamic industry. To make a smart move, look for a regionally accredited program.

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