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If you're looking for the best computer backgrounds, you've come to the right place. Our editors have thoroughly tested and evaluated 25922 market leading products and analyzed their customer reviews to create a top list of the top computer backgrounds. This list features color themes, patterns, animated wallpapers, and more. Read on to discover the top choices for your desktop! We've also included links to their source pages, so you can check out more reviews and find a great background for your computer!


You have many choices when it comes to color for your desktop background. You can choose a green or blue background if you want your eyes to stay rested and not fatigued. But if you're looking for a more vibrant option, try using a second display or a program that covers the entire screen. It can affect how you perceive colors on the primary display, since the human eye perceives colors differently based on the light and environment.


You've probably seen lots of beautiful pattern wallpapers, but which ones are your favorites? MacOS calls it your desktop background, but older systems have small repeated patterns as background images. Pattern wallpapers were also known as desktop patterns and are still used today. Many of them are free and are available in high-quality versions. You can even download them for free. If you're not sure which one to download, try browsing the wide variety of patterns available.

Animated wallpapers

Animated computer backgrounds can be an excellent way to personalize your computer. However, unlike screensavers and static wallpaper, animated wallpaper is always active, leaving your computer with less resources to perform other tasks. Plus, complex animated wallpaper can take up a lot of your computer's resources, leaving it with shorter battery life. If you want to enjoy the beauty of animated wallpaper on your PC, read on to learn about some of the benefits of animated backgrounds for Windows.

There are tons of ways to customize your desktop with an animated background. Animated wallpapers for Windows are especially popular among gamers. You can change the colors, resolution, and framerate of your desktop wallpaper. You can even customize the settings to suit your preferences, including how often you want the wallpaper to play. If you don't want the wallpaper to loop automatically when the fullscreen application is open, you can use the wallpaper engine.


If you're looking for computer wallpapers, you'll want to check out these sources. Sources like DeviantArt and Getty Images can help you find beautiful and creative computer wallpapers. Stock Up pulls images from over 27 websites, including many that are royalty-free. There's also an infinite scroll. You can browse by resolution, tag, or photographer to find the perfect background. It's important to be aware of the source of the images you use, as this will help you find the perfect one for your computer.

You'll also find an almost endless supply of wallpapers on websites and apps, including the popular DeviantArt. Microsoft releases themes based on various images, including beaches, the Amazon, and cute animals in sunglasses. Another great source for computer wallpapers is Bing, the progressive web app developed by Microsoft. There's a vast selection on Bing. If you're looking for a particular image, you may have to search for a long time.

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